Rich Huelskamp
28609 Walnut Run Way
Red Wing, MN 55066
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Home Maintenance Services

  • Evaluate and inform you of cost effective energy conservation measures to reduce your energy costs.

  • Evaluate and inform you of building and HVAC recommendations to improve the quality of indoor air being breathed.

  • Evaluate and inform you of the renewable energy sources available to provide heat and electricity.

  • Evaluate and inform you of house maintenance issues and identify the solutions. Assist in finding a contractor to complete the recommendations and evaluate the quality and completion of the projects.

Building Construction Services

  • Assist in the design and construction of your new home or remodeling project.

  • Support your goal of owning a healthy, sustainable, renewable energy. home and lifestyle.

  • Recommend products and construction techniques that increase the quality, longevity, and value of home ownership.

Provide you the information needed to reduce your energy costs by energy efficiency.

Provide you the information needed for you to provide a portion or all of your heat, hot water and electricity from clean safe renewable energy sources.


Rich Huelskamp has over 25 years of supporting, educating, and assisting homeowners/business owners as well as Minnesota’s energy industry professionals. With a thorough understanding of residential thru industrial energy using buildings and equipment, Rich has evaluated, recommended and verified building construction, mechanical/electrical equipment, and renewable energy systems.

He has coordinated engineering projects and educational programs for the Minnesota State Energy Office and Red Wing Technical College’s Energy Education Center. He has a strong track record of success in energy policy, promotion, and program quality.

Rich has served on the Boards of the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, Twin Cities Energy Engineers, Moorhead State University Energy Program, Minnesota’s Environmental Education Advisory Board, and Minnesota’s Energy Education Association.

Mr. Huelskamp is a frequent speaker, author, and advocate for energy conservation, renewable energy technologies, and sustainable building practices.

Rich received his BS in Physics and Mathematics from Winona State University and attended the University of Minnesota’s Mechanical Engineering Program.